Phoenix Micronet slim + switch rj45 trouble

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Phoenix Micronet slim + switch rj45 trouble

Beitrag von philippe69 » Mo 25 Mai, 2015 11:18 am

hello I have trouble with a configuration 4 Phoenix Micronet slim
switch on the network that I exceeded 25m cable
phoenix recognize in the hardware list, but the laser does not work
programme of the screen freezes I require to reboot the pc

use a small switch hub D-link I think it is not suitable for this type of installation

I Noticed the problem During a performance with 5 laser

2 laser green with 2x 50m cables

3 that function
If I disconnect the 2 laser 50m cables on the switch
is after a reboot of the PC 3 other rgb laser works with 25m cable

someone has faced this kind of problem
which switch you use ?


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