[Search] Botex Laser-500 StarWar

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[Search] Botex Laser-500 StarWar

Beitrag von 63Amp » Di 10 Feb, 2015 3:02 am


I´m looking for some of these old laser, which was available between 1995 and 1998.
Botex Laser-500 StarWar.

NOT the Mini StarWar with a red diode in a plastic Case.
I mean the older one in a black metal case with the air rip´s similar to shark gills up- and downside.
Originally there was a chinese 20mW HeNe tube inside.
Backside there is the cable with plug, a power switch and 2 DIN standard 8 pole female connectors for signal in & out.
At the front, there is a stepping motor, which send the Beam to 8 Mirrors.
The Beams were shot like starwar beams. :mrgreen: :lol: :mrgreen:

Does anybody have those laser?
I don´t need the Laser (tube or diode), you can remove them if you want - I will rebuild it a complete new way. ;-)
The stepper should be mounted and the controller-board with the DIN standard connectors inside.
Also interesting would be the original 19" controller.

after a long search I only got 2 pictures from the laser and controller in original condition.


Controller with StandBy/Fire, Music Chaser, Auto/Manual, Step, Speed; Audio Level:

Body and air rip´s can be seen here, but this is within the rebuild time - most of the new parts already integrated:

If somebody has some of these devices, please feel free to contact me. The china tubes bound to be out of order since years anyway. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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