Laserworld CS2000RGB & CS4000RGB

Everything about the interior of a laser, its devices and components. also: laser-refills.
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Laserworld CS2000RGB & CS4000RGB

Beitrag von charlyd » Mo 15 Jun, 2020 10:31 am

Hello i have a CS4000 RGB with a jittering galvo. as far as i can see it comes from out the ilda board. when i bypass it is ok.
on my ILDA board (JH-DG446) there are some components and one of the i cannot figure out what it could be. the code is readable as W8 66 or something it is an 8 pin chip.( U7 is red circle) the chip is connected at the R, G, B, outputs from the ilda board.

Does anybody have a CS2000RGB or CS4000RGB and is willing to help me out please contact me. so i can get my unit fixed.
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