5mw laser use in Germany

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5mw laser use in Germany

Beitrag von kiwisoundguy » Do 03 Jan, 2013 12:26 pm

Hi there,

I am looking for some help with German laser laws etc.

I have a 5mw (actually less than 5mw) class 3R 532nm laser built into a remote inclinometer. It is used to show angles and lines similar to a surveyors theodolite when setting up speaker systems.

The laser has a CE cert and all the required safety stickers / notices etc (BS 60825).

It is only turned on for a a minute or two at a time. There are no audience or members of public near the laser. It is only used indoors. Do I need to special permit or license to use it in Germany or must I change the laser power to 1mw?

Thanks in advance for you help

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Re: 5mw laser use in Germany

Beitrag von ekkard » Mi 12 Jun, 2013 5:39 pm

Sorry, I look into the English forum only seldom. Be so kind, to make an english notice into the German forum or do send me an private mail.
In a private laboratory (home, cellar) you are allowed to use lasers for your own. It seems you are using the laser (class 3R according to IEC 60825 part 1) to show some geometrical figures in front of something like a school class? For educational purpose only lasers of class 1 up to 2M are allowed (please look here). That is what I remember also.
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