20 Years LaserFreak - The FreakTreffen in Bonn on May 16th 2020

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20 Years LaserFreak - The FreakTreffen in Bonn on May 16th 2020

Beitrag von netdiver » Sa 09 Nov, 2019 6:17 pm

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Dear LaserFreaks,

the LaserFreak Forum will be twenty years old on may 16th 2020 and of course this should be celebrated epically.

And exactly for this reason we are organizing a big FreakTreffen at the University of Bonn on exactly this day (a Saturday, by the way). Appropriately, this is exactly the 60th birthday of the laser itself.
So one more reason to use exactly this day and indulge our Las(t)er, sniff some fog fluid and get carried away by bombastic music.

At the university we have the entire Wolfgang Paul auditorium with over 500 seats at our disposal.
In addition, we have a very large Voyer at our disposal which is very suitable for our purposes, where we have sufficient space for exhibits, installations and projectors. (Please send table reservations to us in good time. Electricity is available from us to the table as usual. What you do with it we leave to you :) ... hopefully it's safe, interesting or funny and coherent.)
The lecture hall itself offers a lot of space for your impressive laser shows. (Electricity and water are also available if needed.)

In the lecture hall we will provide a laser setup, so that those with a long way to get there still have the possibility to ride on thick laser shows.
If you want to bring your own hardware, projectors or complete systems and set them up, you are welcome to do so. We really have enough space. Just let us know so that we can prepare the place optimally and coordinate the assembly and disassembly a bit.

For lectures or presentations we also have a separate lecture room (with tables, blackboard, beamer and TV) at our disposal. The "Call for Papers" is now open.

Food and drinks will of course be provided again.

On the evening of 16.5. we will present a Gala Show this time, in which we would like to show the best laser shows and projects from 20 years of LaserFreak.
Ideas, suggestions, shows and other contributions from you are always welcome.
(Please send in your submissions as soon as possible. Time goes by quickly and the more we

The exact prices for the meeting are not yet fixed. Of course, we have to fulfil various conditions and basic additional costs with the public rooms of the university, but we plan to keep the costs (incl. food) as low as possible at 50,- EUR.

Who would like to support us financially can do this very gladly. All funds flow into the meeting.
Please send us an e-mail to info@laserfreak.net or call me for further details.
For sponsors we offer also advertising possibilities in the context of the meeting.

So, it's best to make a note of the date right away and register early.

Oh yes. And to give you a small foretaste, here is our official trailer for the meeting.

We are looking forward to your registrations, your show suggestions and hope you can come to Bonn in large numbers.

Best regards from our entire LF20 organization team:
Jacky, Matthias, Fabian, Robin, Max, (the other) Max, Thommy & many more ...

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Re: 20 Years LaserFreak - The FreakTreffen in Bonn on May 16th 2020

Beitrag von Hatschi » So 10 Nov, 2019 5:36 am

Halli Hallo

If you want to join us at this LaserFreak Convention please refer to

20 Jahre LaserFreak - Das FreakTreffen in Bonn am 16.5.2020

and add yourself to the rolling list!



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