7 new laser shows - win now!

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7 new laser shows - win now!

Beitrag von spectrabeam.de » Do 26 Feb, 2015 9:22 pm

Seven new stunning laser shows, including a graphic show, waiting for you in our online store! With the record-pop hit „Atemlos“ (Breathless) by Helene Fischer to the timeless classic "Last Christmas" by Wham's for you again only the best: http://www.spectrabeam.de/index.php?language=en

NEW! Now available for Pangolin Beyond:
More than 230 shows are currently available for Pangolin Beyond. Search for your favorite show: http://www.spectrabeam.de/index.php?cPa ... rshows-buy

Birthday Special: On March 1st we will be nine years old!
You will benefit most of all: We are giving away one of our seven new laser shows. This means you get a laser show with appropriate music CD worth up to 130 € for FREE!
Send an email to winnow@spectrabeam.de with the subject: "Nine years spectrabeam.de Happy Birthday" with a colorful image you have photographed about "light and laser".
Two more lucky winners will get a special edition of our laser show calendar or a magic gadget. Closing date: Monday midnight (March 2nd to 3rd) 1)

We wish you a wonderful and successful March - spectrabeam.de - Bernd Steinert & Team


1) By participating you agree to the case of profit with the publication of your name and your transmitted data.

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Re: 7 new laser shows - win now!

Beitrag von laserjohn » So 12 Feb, 2017 12:23 am

Cool initiative! Thanks for sharing :)

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Re: 7 new laser shows - win now!

Beitrag von martini » So 12 Feb, 2017 8:41 am

look at the date !

this post is from the year 2015 :lol:


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