3D Lasersubsurface Engraving Machine and Material for Sale

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3D Lasersubsurface Engraving Machine and Material for Sale

Beitrag von amerioca » Di 05 Sep, 2017 3:17 pm

I have bought and imported the machine in June but due to personal obligations overseas unfortunately I will have to sell it again as I do not have the time to attend the business in Austria anymore.

The machine is small in size, not to heavy, while high performance and capable of mass production as well as single item operations. Easy to use but a training can be provided.

The machine comes with a design and a control software and computer.

The diode time is currently less than 70h and the machine has another 18 months full scale warranty. It is in perfect state and works just great.

Model STNDP-801AB4
Max engraving size (mm) 400*300*100
Max crystal size (mm) 400*300*100
Laser Type Diode pumped Nd:YAG, 532nmgreen laser; 3000Hz
Laser Frequency 4000 Hz
Pulse width ≤6ns
Engraving Speed Maximum: 3500 points/s; 200000dots per minute
Diameter of a point 20-40μm
Repeated location accuracy <10μm
Continuous work time >24 hours
Cooling air
Diode laser module life >20000 hours
Power consumption <800W
Electrical connection Single 220V or 120V (+/-10%); 50Hz or 60Hz
Typical case for normal engraving speed "Crystal size:50*80*50mm pattern:300000 dots
Engraving time:<2minutes
Warranty 2 years all
File Format JPG, BM,,DWG,DXF,3DS etc.
Operation demands Temperature:5--35℃, humidity :<70% no condensation
Net Weight 115KG
Machine Size (L*W*H)(mm) 960*760*770
Package Size(L*W*H)(mm) 1240*860*1040

Laser Diode is a US brand and the machine is currently located in Salzburg, Austria where the machine may be inspected.

I also do have a bunch of glas material as well as a 3D camera. Pls contact me for details.


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