crystals and optics for laser application from Lasertec

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crystals and optics for laser application from Lasertec

Beitrag von lasertec » So 30 Nov, 2008 1:27 am

hi all:
i am Lasertec Inc from china. my company provide optical and crystal components for laser application for many years. I am glad serve to member on forum. we supply crystal following:
Laser crystal: Nd:YAG,Nd:YVO4, diffusion bonding crystals for YAG and NdYVO4 ,DPM crystal(Nd:YVO4+ktp)
SHG crystal: KTP, LBO,BBO,etc.
laser mirror : Corner cube,HR mirror, Cavity lense, Xcube, filter,(made of GaF2,BK7,UVFS etc.)

If anyone have requirement like these. please feel free enquiry us.

If you need buy some lasers from china, you also through us to get them.
I can help you get them low price from china.
I expect to hearing from you enquiry.
Lasertec designs, grows, manufactures, and supplies the highest quality crystal and precision optics products, lenses, coatings for laser application


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