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Phoenix4 live

Beitrag von scampion » Mi 14 Sep, 2022 3:06 pm

Help! I am a retired old dj (67) now living in Portugal I do the odd gig for charity etc for ex pats living here. I have been using Pheenix4 for many years with no problems. Unfortunately my dongle has died and I can't use the programme. I can run my 2 lasers on auto but it was nice to put peoples names up and happy birthday messages using the lasers. I can't afford a new dongle and software to run my lasers I am wondering if anybody can help....
Much appreciated

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Re: Phoenix4 live

Beitrag von guido » So 18 Sep, 2022 8:09 am


which Hardware are you using ? Dynamics supports the Phoenix Micro USB V1 which is the same as our
Easylase LC. If you own Phoenix Micro V2 we cant help.


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