Info needed: Lexel Model-95 / 8-watt / CW Argon La

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Info needed: Lexel Model-95 / 8-watt / CW Argon La

Beitrag von todd » Sa 15 Mär, 2003 5:42 pm

I need info on a laser system I just picked up. It is a Lexel Model-95 / 8-watt / CW Argon Laser (liquid cooled). I have both the Laser head, and the power supply. It is said to be functional, but I lack the 3-phase 208VAC power to test it. Unit has approx. 2000 hrs. Does anyone have documentation? Is there anyone in the Southern California area that can help me test it (I'm in San Diego, but will travel)? How can I tell if this model produces visible or UV output? If functional, can anyone tell me what it would be worth? What kind of eye protection do I need before testing it? Thanks in advance... Todd
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Beitrag von hellfire » Mo 02 Feb, 2004 5:19 am

Check your email. Im going to SD this coming up Saturday. Matbe we can help get it started.
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