HELP. Where do i start?

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HELP. Where do i start?

Beitrag von flyby » Do 02 Jan, 2003 10:37 am

I want to have at Xy scanner whit software and all. Is has to be chep, becores for now its only for fun. I want to write letters whit laser.

I found some chep galvo on ebay, 2 for only 25 USD.
Then i need a crontroller and some software, right?

Where do i get that ?

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Re: HELP. Where do i start?

Beitrag von marc » Fr 03 Jan, 2003 6:08 am

hello flyby!

depending on what you're willing to spend, the capabilities of 'scanners' range from simple lissajou-figures to beam show and finally to graphics (from word(s) to images). i guess for $25 you get something that is able to scan lissajous. you can control this kind of 'motors' via your sound card... some free software for this purpose is available in the laser guide. if you want to go semi professional you've to spend at least ~800 euro, for professional solutions ~2000 euro (used equipment). for this money you should get at least a pair of galvos, scanner amps & software/controller.

there are lots of thread regarding this matter.... the best would be, if you browse the boards with some sort of online translation tool. (hope this tip will no one hold away from posting his/her thoughts.)

cheers, marc

p.s. if you wanna go low-cost you should check the 'mot-1' threads (the mot-1 is probably able to scan single letters... i'm not sure)

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Re: HELP. Where do i start?

Beitrag von mtl » Mo 06 Jan, 2003 5:57 am


thats right: MOT-1 are able to scan letters or "very small" words.
I´ve tested it on my system.
But you must find the best voltage for the scanner and the best settings for the D/A Card to have a good scanning ;-). It will NOT be as good as professional systems which marc told you, but it´s the best low cost system I know!

If you wanna use them for little beamshows too, they where exelent (for this price)

greetz MTL

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Re: HELP. Where do i start?

Beitrag von flyby » So 26 Jan, 2003 11:56 am

Ok thanks, then i have to spend the 800 euro. becores i want to write some company names like "FLYBY Multimedia"

I heard about one system Catweazle LC, but it is also expensive but good, right?
Where do i fine the good stuf, used?


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Re: HELP. Where do i start?

Beitrag von rallas » So 09 Feb, 2003 12:17 am

Hello flyby (!)

I can offer you a LC 1 closedloop scanning system which is in a very good condition.

With this system you are able to make very good beamshows and graphicshows if they are not too complex.

You are also able to display text, but only short words like "welcome" / "to" / "flyby" / "multimedia" and so on. Please notice that you can display only ONE of these words above at the SAME time because the system is not the fastes on the market. Not all the words together (!).

If you are interested in buying my system for about 550,- Euro please mail me at

If you have any questions or if you need some fotos so please mail me to.

Greatings from Germany from Ralf
Gruß aus Bedburg-Hau von Ralf


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