Diode laser power control

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Diode laser power control

Beitrag von Levoni » Di 23 Aug, 2022 12:34 pm

Good day sirs. I am building my laser machine with Diode laser. 7 watts. I first installed a grbl controller and could control the laser on and off as well as the power. i replaced a few grbl controllers they often hung up and worked very badly. I replaced the grbl with a Trocen AWC 7813 CO2 laser controller. as a result, the contpoller works very well, but I cannot adjust the laser power. it always works 100%.
I found out that the power adjustment on the Trocen controller is PWM 0-5 volts. so is my laser. I tried to set from 800-1000 hertz and more. nothing changes. as I connect to the grbl controller, the power changes. Can someone advise me what is the difference between the control of a diode laser and a CO2 laser

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Re: Diode laser power control

Beitrag von VDX » Di 23 Aug, 2022 12:50 pm

... check, if you have an option for different "laser-modes" -- then you have to select the correct one ...

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