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Lasershowsoftware Dynamics

Beitrag von guido » Sa 22 Dez, 2012 11:22 am


sorry for writing in English but i think you can read it better than my France :-)

Just like to introduce you my Lasershowsoftware Dynamics.
Basing like Phoenix and LSX on the "old" LDS from Lennart Wietzke.
Me and Joachim Mueller ( bought the LDS Code 2.5 Years ago and i programm it
further since them. We only support our own Hardware (Easylase II, Easylase LC, Netlase, Phoenix live/micro )

There is a Demo to find in the Downloadarea of my Homepage. Also there is a Christmas Offer running until
31.12.12. In Jannuar both Versions will be a little more expensive.

There are 2 Versions :
"nano-Bundle" , comes with the Easylase LC ( max. 50Kpps, 3+1 Colors, only one Laserprojector )
"Dynamics full", comes with the Easylase II (100 Kpps, 5+1 Colors, max. 20 Cards )
In the "Help" Folder you can find a Manual where you can see what is changed since the old LDS Time.
And the Development goes on...also nearly all Showprogrammers are changed from LDS to Dynamics so that
there are now over 150 Shows.

If you are interested: "nano-Bundle" is 249 Euro, "Dynamics full" is 499 Euro, both + Shipping.
Planned for next Year is a new Live-Software, Wishes for this and wishes for the whole Software are welcome
and will be addes if possible.

Greetings from Germany, enjoy your Christmas Holiday and get some Coherent Lights under your Tree !!
Guido Jaeger


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