Quick Hints Tutorial Serie Phase 2 - Advanced Tutorials

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Quick Hints Tutorial Serie Phase 2 - Advanced Tutorials

Beitrag von PangolinSystems » Mi 25 Mär, 2020 10:33 pm


We are happy to introduce the Intermediate Series of new tutorial videos, from Pangolin!

Further your knowledge in our BEYOND Software, with our new Intermediate series of Quick Hints videos, now available on YouTube & the Pangolin Wiki!

Just a few weeks after the initial release of our Quick Hints educational series, we've finished the new and slightly more advanced intermediate series of videos, now officially published on our YouTube Channel and the Pangolin Wiki, links to both can be found below.

The intermediate videos take things a step further, covering more advanced topics and features such as the Advanced Frame Editor, BEYOND Universe, PangoScript, and more.

With the release of the intermediate videos, we're able to direct our focus on writing and creating the Expert series of Quick Hint videos, which we hope to finish in another month or so. Make sure to keep an eye out on social media and email to find the latest updates.

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Stay Educated

Pangolin Youtube Channel Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IItQSHA ... pcNIC2MAjk
Pangolin Wiki: http://wiki.pangolin.com/beyond:quickhints

Your Pangolin Team


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