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DAC-Simulator for software developers

Beitrag von HALaser » Do 17 Nov, 2016 7:29 am

Hello everybody,

as a short introduction: HALaser Systems is a vendor of industrial laser marking solutions including software and scanner controllers (=DACs). Beside some others, one is the E1701A scanner controller card which is intended to be used with analogue scanheads. The hardware interface of this DAC is compatible to the ILDA-standard. Because it is an industry-grade device, it offers some amazing features (USB and Ethernet connection, 10usec/100kHz mircrostep resolution, stand-alone operation, 16 bit DAC resolution,...) at a low price.

And this is the reason why I'm posting here (so no, this is not just stupid spam), some people asked us about the possibility to use it for laser shows and/or to integrate it into existing laser show software. We already offer a compatibility library which simulates interfaces of some common laser-DAC's but this of course is only a somewhat limited solution.

That's why we decided to give programmers a cheap and easy possibility to develop software which makes use of the E1701A DAC, a simulator which runs on a PC and can be accessed in exactly the same way like the real hardware. This simulator is described in manual from https://halaser.eu/e1701a_sim_manual.pdf, a description of the programming interface itself can be found in https://halaser.eu/e1701_manual.pdf.

The software which contains this simulator is available for free:
Windows 32 bit version
Windows 64 bit version
Linux-versions will follow soon.

So whenever somebody is interested to integrate E1701A support in some laser show software, or to just have a look at its programming interfaces capabilities, this can be done very easy now. This is true especially for all open source projects, we also have published a lot of software as open source and are interested in supporting such projects.

When there are any questions regarding this, feel free to contact us.

And when this posting is located at a wrong sub-forum or is inappropriate in any other way, please let us know too, we definitely do not want to spread some spam (as said, laser show is not our business).

Kind regards


PS: This was posted also in Photonlexicon-Forum, but I think not everybody who could be interested is reading in both


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