Laser safety-even when using eye-safety laser

Anything about the secure handling of Lasers, dangers, legal regulations and norms.
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Laser safety-even when using eye-safety laser

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Even when using the laser with eye-safe wavelength, there are still a lot of instructions, take this item ... odule.html for instance:

When using a rangefinder module, what we need to pay attention to:
• The laser emitted by this ranging module is a 1535nm laser that is safe for human eyes. Although it is within the eye-safe wavelength range, it is advised not to look directly into the laser beam.
• When adjusting the parallelism of the three optical axes, be sure to cover the receiving lens. Failure to do so may result in permanent damage to the detector due to excessively strong return signals.
• This range-finding module is not airtight. Ensure that the relative humidity of the operating environment is below 80% and that the environment is clean and hygienic to prevent damage to the laser.
• The measuring range of the ranging module depends on atmospheric visibility and the nature of the target. Range measurements will be reduced in fog, rain, and sandstorm conditions. Targets like clusters of green leaves, white walls, and exposed limestone have a higher reflectivity, which can increase the measuring range. Additionally, the range decreases as the angle of the laser beam to the target increases.
• It is strictly forbidden to emit lasers at highly reflective targets such as glass or white walls within 20 meters, as strong reflections may cause damage to the APD detector.
• Do not plug or unplug cables while the device is powered on. Ensure that the power supply polarity is connected correctly to avoid permanent damage to the equipment.

For 1.5μm fiber laser, ... ource.html
· Laser Safety: This product emits laser radiation that is not visible to the human eye. Protective goggles should be worn before use. Avoid direct exposure of eyes or skin to the laser beam while the laser is operating.
· Power Usage: Ensure use within the rated voltage and power specifications.
· Electrostatic Protection: Appropriate electrostatic protection measures must be taken during the transport, storage, and use of the light source.
· Fiber End Face: The output end face should be appropriately cleaned before use to ensure it is free from dirt and contamination, as this can easily cause damage to the end face.
· Cooling Requirements: Adequate cooling must be maintained during the operation of the laser. It is recommended to use thermal grease or a thermal pad with high thermal conductivity for efficient heat dissipation. Failure to dissipate heat effectively may cause the internal temperature of the laser to rise, triggering the over-temperature protection feature and shutting down the laser output.


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