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LaserFreak meeting & 6. LaserFreak Award in Berlin

The Berlin LaserFreaks are organizing the next big meeting in the capital of Germany.

For this we have found the perfect location. It's called "Klubhaus Spandau" (yes, it is written with a "k"). So we would like to invite you on september 30th and october 1st to Berlin.

The location offers 3 lecture rooms, a large foyer and of course a showroom for non stop lasershows.

The foyer provides space for open laser projectors and lots of tech talk.




Saturday sept.30th + Sunday oct.1st 2017

Start at around 9:30am



Westerwaldstr. 13

13589 Berlin



aprox. 50,- € per Person

incl. 2x lunch + 2x evening snacks



Lecture, LSO, LaserFreak Award, Laserbowling and much more.





register here


LaserFreak Meeting Berlin 2017


6. LaserFreak Award

On Saturday evening, the 6th LaserFreak Award will take place. We will start at around 7:30pm. So we are looking forward to see your shows. We will publish more details about the LaserFreak Award soon.

LSO (in german only)

At our meeting german speaking freak can attend to our laser safety officer course + exam including acertificate.

The course is conducted by Max Weidling of LASA Berlin and will cost 85, - € per person.

The number of participants is limited. The LSB course is divided into two parts. One on Saturday and Sunday morning at around 10:00am for 3 hours each.


Lectures & presentations

We are still planning our talks but the following lectures we have already prepared for you:


Dirk Apitz: IDN - Introduction, Status, outlook

Robin Adams: RayComposer - Introduction and first steps

Theo Dari: The Laserman Experience - Story of the unexpected artistic adventure


LaserFreak Meeting Berlin 2017If you have ideas for lectures or you would like to give one, please contact us via e-mail.


The Freak meeting is just for Forum members, ILDA members and invited guests & friedns.


In the foyer we have a limited number of tables for presentations. Freaks and private projects can get a table for free. Companies can help us to lower the costs for the meeting by giving us a small donation.

If you would like to learn more about donations please click here or contact us directly via e-mai.




Laser Bowling

You don't know what that is? - So the best way to find out is staying until sunday at around 6:30pm.

The only thing we can say, it's the first time this is done on a meeting and it will be great fun!




> I come only in one day, do I have to pay half the price?

Unfortunately not. We have calculated our cost for the entire event.


> I already arive on saturday or I stay longer. Can I help you with the assembly and disassembly?

Yes, absolutely. Please do not hesitate to contact us so we can coordinate your help.


> Can I bring guests only to the LaserFreak Award?

Yes. There will be guest tickets for around 10,-€ including a free softdrink.


> What is laser bowling? - I need to know if it's worth it.

No sorry, it is still a surprise.


> The location look horrible on Google Streetview. Is this really the correct location?

The pictures at Google Streetview are very old. The building has been completely rebuilt.

The location is now really beautiful.

LaserFreak Meeting Berlin 2017





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